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Computer Science and Engineering accounts are available for Graduate Students and Faculty. For information on CS&E labs and machines, check the CS&E Resources Page. To obtain a CS&E account, complete the Computer Science Account Request Form and return it to CS&E Main Office, Keller Hall 4-192. Accounts may take up to a week to be created, although they are usually created in less time. Once the account is made, your username and password will be available in the CS&E Main Office. Be sure to bring a picture ID with you when you pick up your account information.

CSE Labs Accounts

The CSE Labs are another useful resource for Computer Science and Engineering students and faculty. Information about them can be found on the CSE Labs Accounts help page.

CS&E Graduate Lab

The Grad lab is in Keller Hall 2-216 (phone 626-1071). All grad students can obtain access to the grad lab by submitting the on-line Grad Lab Access Form. In order to complete the on-line form, you will need a CS&E Unix account and a U card (check out the U Card home page for more information).

CS&E Alumni

You can keep your account as long as you want but you will need to log into it once in a while. If it has been more than a year since you last accessed your account, it will be closed and archived.

After you graduate, your account will be moved off the grad space into the alumni space and your quota will also be reduced. You can view the current quota for alumni on the Disk Usage Quotas page.

Contact: 1-201 Keller Hall, 200 Union St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455   Phone: (612) 625-0876   Email: